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Mini Darbar Sahib Complex Booster Kit 1

Darshani Deorhi, Toshakhana and Pul

The Pul, or Bridge, ferries humanity across the Sarovar to Harimandar Sahib through the Darshani Deorhi. Darshani Deorhi means the Gate of Vision. Above the Darshani Deorhi is the Toshakhana, or Treasury/Bank, of the Sikh Nation.  The Toshakhana contains important documents and precious articles.

Jhanda Bunga and Nishan Sahibs

Next to the Akal Takht stand two Nishan Sahibs on marble pedestals. The two Nishan Sahibs or Flags of the Sikh Nation, represent Miri and Piri, Social/Political Power and Spiritual Power. The Nishan Sahibs stand tall in front of the Jhanda Bunga or the Flag Keep. The Jhanda Bunga serves, protects and maintains the Nishan Sahibs.


We do not provide a printed instruction manual in our kits in order to save paper.

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