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We are selling these kits with no scope for personal profit. LEGO bricks cost about 10-12 cents a piece. We also purchase biodegradable bags, cardboard boxes, and custom stickers. We add a 5%-8% margin to round off the kit price, for some reinvestment and additional business, website management expenses.

None of the income is used as salary or even for personal advantage. We aim for complete Financial Transparency.

We are doing this for love. So that our kids can have something we didn't have growing up, and to help them connect. We hope you will support it. 

Phase I Report
  • Self funded

  • Developed 12 kits of Akal Takht Collector's Edition

  • Cost/Kit = $253.59

  • Margin = $21.41 = 7.78%

Current Sales Report
  • Developed Taus and Akal Takht

  • Purchased Artwork by Sikh Artist for sale 

  • Setup Website, LLC, Bank, PayPal

  • Online and On Point Sales

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