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This throne of the Infinite Divine is the physical manifestation of a throne that Guru Nanak Sahib first sat upon. Guru Hargobind Sahib made it physical in 1604. It is from the Akal Takht (metaphysical or real) that the Gurus wielded their social/political/military/judicial authority. And after 1708, this is where the Guru Khalsa Panth's legitimacy and royal sovereignty flow from.


Historic weapons of Guru Sahibs and famous GurSikhs sit on the throne, representing the creative, destructive and temporal power of the Guru. It is Shasters that the Khalsa Panth worships and adores at our Sovereign Throne.


The Guru Khalsa Panth is a community. It is a people. And it is a nation. The Akal Takht is the nerve centre of the Sikh nation. It is our White House, Parliament, Supreme Court and Pentagon, and so much more. These crude human created institutions cannot begin to encompass the power of a throne made by Vahiguru upon which the physical manifestation of Guru Nanak Sahib rules.


The Khalsa Panth is an institution. It is an organization and it needs a structure for decision making in order to live up to the potential that Guru Gobind Singh Sahib blessed us with. With our current corrupt, Indian government controlled Akal Takht, the Khalsa Panth is severely restricted. We can not gather to make our decisions as a Sarbat Khalsa, create Gurmatta and ensure that these decisions are followed through on.


A Sikh’s primary political loyalty must be to the Akal Takht Sahib. This means that we must have a free Akal Takht that we can unite under. Until that day, we can work on living up to the sovereign traditions of our Panth, and bringing the ideals of the Akal Takht into our local Sangats and Jathas.


- Santbir Singh

Akal Takht

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