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'Ancient Nuggets of Wisdom' is a celebration of ਸਾਂਝਾ (Shared), or ਮਾਹਾ (Great) Panjab, and the joint cultural heritage of its descendants. The book is a collection of Panjabi Proverbs, complete with transliteration in Shahmukhi, and translation in English, presented in a beautifully crafted book that will add a touch of elegance to any bookcase.

Containing 52 Panjabi Proverbs, 'Ancient Nuggets of Wisdom' provides a wonderful insight into the meaning of everyday phrases that were once spoken across undivided Panjab. The author, Kuljit Kaur, has added context based on the knowledge imparted by her elders and further commentary based on her own understanding and experience gained from living in Panjab.


Whether you're seeking to learn about a new culture, reconnect with your own roots, or simply enjoy the wisdom of Panjabi Proverbs with family and friends, this book is one to treasure and preserve for generations to come.


Publication Date | 01 Sept 2020  

Format Paperback | 110 pages    

Dimensions | 148 x 210mm
Script | Panjabi, Shahmukhi, English    

ISBN10 | 183814370X    

ISBN13 | 9781838143701

Ancient Nuggets of Wisdom

SKU: 3021
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