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From the author of 'Warrior Queen - Rani Sada Kaur', 'Shaheed Akali Baba Deep Singh' and 'Patshahi Mehima - Revisiting Sikh Sovereignty', we are pleased to announce the upcoming release of 'Bibi Gulab Kaur - Defying An Empire.'


Set against the backdrop of British-occupied Panjab in 1914, ‘Bibi Gulab Kaur – Defying An Empire’ is a stirring novel inspired by true events from the life of Gulab Kaur, a Sikh revolutionary who became a symbol of resistance in the fight to remove colonisers from her homeland.


After hearing about the Ghadar Movement, an organization formed in Stockton, California with the sole intent of overthrowing British rule in Panjab, Gulab decides to return to Panjab from the Philippines to help liberate her homeland.


Her intelligence, leadership, and bravery propel her as she engages in covert operations, rallying speeches, and rigorous recruitment campaigns.


The novel captures the essence of a woman who risked everything for Panjab’s freedom, weaving together a narrative of courage, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of freedom in the face of overwhelming odds. This novel is a tribute to a forgotten heroine and her undying spirit that continues to inspire generations.


Publication Date | 8th March, 2024  

Format Paperback | 230 pages  

Dimensions | 129 x 198mm
Script | English    
ISBN13 | 9781917021050

Bibi Gulab Kaur - Defying An Empire

SKU: 3012
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