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I Can Rise is a brand new children’s book which encompasses mindfulness with Sikh history.

The story follows two Sikh children, Sewa Singh and Simran Kaur, as they discover they can rise to any challenge by discovering true stories from Sikh history and be in chardikala - ever rising spirits

This book aims to spark great conversations with children by caregivers as it links Sikh history to everyday situations and emotions. The book has been created to remind children that no matter what they may go through in life, they can always find answers and strength from Sikhi.

Author: Parminder Kaur | Release Date: 27th November, 2023


Publication Date | 27th November 2023

Format Paperback | 30 pages

Dimensions | 150 x 150mm

Script | English

Genre | Children's aged 4+

ISBN13 | 9781739740153

I Can Rise

SKU: 3013
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