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‘Shaheed Akali Baba Deep Singh’ is a short novel about one of the most revered martyrs in Sikh History.


Inspired by true events, as recorded in pre-colonial Sikh texts, the story charts the rise of Baba Deep Singh from a young boy to the formidable warrior that he became under the direct leadership of Guru Gobind Singh ji.


The life and sacrifice of Baba Deep Singh has served as an inspiration for many generations throughout the 18th, 19th and 20th century. We hope the next generation of youth feel equally empowered by this novel.


Publication Date | 22 Dec 2022    

Format Paperback | 180 pages    

Dimensions | 129 x 198mm
Script | English    

ISBN10 | ISBN 1739740115X
ISBN13 | ISBN 9781739740115


Shaheed Akali Baba Deep Singh

SKU: 3017
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